Board Member


Jose Alanis Vice President of the Board

Jose Alanis is an Army veteran that served in Iraq and Afghanistan 2001-2011. Responsible for creating and strengthening relationships with community leaders. Created and implemented community projects to build schools and medical clinics. Responsible for maintaining a variety of combat related weapons including inspecting for conformance to specifications and maintenance operations. 

Performed accountability/ monthly inventory inspections for the company. Performed Headquarters Platoon Sergeant Duties Inspected equipment Ensure all policies were being followed HR functions for 200 soldiers 
Inspecting and insuring equipment readiness for training exercises.

Squad Leader: Responsible for health, Morale, Training, Discipline, and Health of combat soldiers. Brigade Combat Team with worldwide deployment. Member of unique platoon charged with the security of the Company Combat Team. SOI Instructor training over 400 sons of Iraq volunteers on search, checkpoint and patrolling techniques
Member Mortar platoon which handles many types of weapons chemical based and non-chemical based.