Deb Quackenbush McElhinney Founder/CEO

Deb Quackenbush McElhinney is the Founder and CEO of American Military Family.  She is the proud mother of three sons and three grandsons.  Her heart and passion for our military and their families stems from 1968 when her brother and his friends were deployed to the war zone of Vietnam.  The 60's were turbulent times and the anger and hatred of the country directed to those who were serving was unfathomable.  In January 2005 she started a nonprofit that would SHOW America's support for their troops and their families.  Her first point of action was to learn as much as she could about the military.  She met with veterans, military organization and attended their meetings and social events.  She spent two (2) years working with the Colorado State Legislature in direct support of Senate Bill 080 to convince them of the need for a "Colorado Supports the Troops" license plate.  It took two (2) years for this piece of legislation to pass.  Debbie testified before every committee in the Colorado House of Representatives and the Colorado State Senate about the importance of this plate.  She was the first in line in July 2007 to acquire the first Colorado Supports the Troops license plate in Longmont, Colorado, where 93% of every dollar raised in this program is returned directly to our veterans, troops and their families. 

In 2006, Debbie was invited to a personal meeting with President George W. Bush and was recognized and honored for her service working in support of our military and their families.  Later that year, she was invited to meet with Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and the other team members of the America Supports You campaign.  Since 2005 American Military Family has received over 25 certificates and plaques of recognition and appreciation for services rendered in support of our veterans, troops and their families.  Daily, 22 veterans commit suicide - That is one veteran suicide every 65 minutes.  Today, her sole mission is to STOP Veteran Suicide.